One of the Teenage mothers in the area receiving Goats from PEFO staff

Adopt a Goat Project

The UDHS Report 2000/01 singled outBusia as the districtin Uganda with the highest teenage pregnancy and childbearing rate at 37%. This project was established to economically empower single teenage mothers in the district.PEFO has a goat farm. A female goat from this farm is given to each unwed mother as capital. These girls can use this goat to produce milk, kids, whatever will improve her and her child’s livelihood.


“Goat ceremonies”in which goats are given to the teenage mothers are used as devices for educating parents and community leaders on the need for them to actively help reduce teenage pregnanciesand adopt healthy and humanistic approaches for dealing with such cases when they occur. The project aims to help teenage mothers regain their self-esteem after unplanned pregnancies have caused them to drop out of school by giving them a chance to finish their educations.

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