The window of hope programme is a comprehensive school-based after class programme intended to help with psychosocial needs of children having known that children always face challenges in dealing with the problems they face. This programme equips children with the knowledge and skills that is needed to protect themselves against HIV/AIDS, prepare them to care for others, deal with the sicknesses to overcome stigmatization associated with HIV/AIDS.

It starts early at a stage of early child hood development and occurs at all stages through which a child passes i.e. physically, emotional and mental development

To date, PEFO has supported over 300 window of hope clubs from different partner schools in Eastern and Northern Uganda.  This programme is unique because it aims at behavior formation rather than emphasis on knowledge transfer and memorization and is important in developing the individuality of the child (self-esteem, determination and self- responsibility). It also uses songs, games, stories, role play and art work and Sharing of personal experiences as an approach to make learning easy, interesting and fun.

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