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All granny households are given seeds from which they are expected to give back 10% of their harvest to the farm school for sustainability of seed production. The fifty percent of the grannies that are the strongest are given an income generating asset (IGA) of their choice (goats, pigs, banana suckers). They are expected to share a part of their produce from this asset with the weaker grannies and the farm school.

The objective of this project is to allow grannies to use IGAs to increase their incomes and to allowthe farm school to sustain agricultural and animal production. The grannies are helped to maintain their assets by granny leaders working in livelihood committees and by PEFO field staff who receive monthly maintenance reports.

Distribution of piglets to caregivers of Onywako-community


Granny Kezia Muzale with a grand son removing suckers from PEFO-van-for-planting-at-home

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